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Queer as Folk Icon Awards

Queer as Folk Awards
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WELCOME TO THE QUEER AS FOLK ICON AWARDS I nanoa; started this community to help keep the Queer as Folk fandom alive and support all of the beloved icon makers out there. This is an award community for Queer as Folk icons where you can nominate your icons and icons by others. To become a member, please read the following rules and information. After that, everyone is welcome to help out. Your moderators are zaipixie and callie89 with the occassional guest appearance by nanoa. marillapm67 is our ever helpful tech support whenever we are clueless.

Liberty Ave. -- Best Overall Icon
Backroom. -- Best Any Couple/Shipper Icon
Red Cape Comics. -- Best Comedic Icon
Loft. -- Best Brian/Justin Icon
Kinnetik. -- Best Brian Icon
Sunshine. -- Best Justin Icon
Take it Slow. -- Best Emotional Icon
Say What· -- Best Use of Text
Boys of Babylon. -- Special Category (changes every round)
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01. NO HOTLINKING for any of your nominations -- upload all of them to your own image host (eg. imageshack or photobucket). This is of respect to the nominated artists, not to steal their bandwidth.
02. All icons must be some way related to the Queer as Folk Fandom.
03. Try and nominate in all of the categories or nominate in a category that doesn't usually get many nominations/doesn't have many this round.
04. For every icon that you nominate of your own, you must nominate two by someone else -- however, you can only nominate up to three icons by the same icon maker.
05. All icons nominated must fit LJ size requirements (under 40KB and 100x100 pixels or smaller).
06. Tell the artist you're nominating his/her work. They'll most likely be very happy about it.
07. You can nominate more than one icon in a category, but each nomination counts.
08. You may only nominate up to 20 icons per week. We don't want too many nominations.
09. When posting nominations, you must put the username of the maker next to each icon.
10. Have fun!

TIMELINE (Eastern Standard Time)
Nominations -- Opens Sunday at 8:00PM and Closes Saturday at 8:00PM (Two weeks later)
Voting -- Sunday Evening - Thursday Evening
Winners Announced -- Friday Evening
Winners Banners -- Hopefully Sunday Evening

The winners' banners will be posted after the winners have been announced. They will be saved until the next set of banners are up so save them on your own server please.

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